As a leading security provider, we are commited to ensuring our staff receive the highest level of continual professional development and they themselves are commited to developing their knowledge. Training within the security industry is both mandatory and optional dependent on the field operated in, and whether governed by the Security Industry Authority or not.

As a complete provider of specialist and non specialist security, our staff including managers, supervisors and consultants benefit from dveloping their security knowledge and in turn provide our client’s with an enhanced service provision.

CTR Secure services have partnered with iSMTA (International Secure Minds Training Academy) in order to access leading security related qualifications. iSMTA are leaders in providing security related e-learning courses with each course being written by an industry leading practitioner.

The modern LMS (learning mamanagemnt system) used by iSMTA allows for various levels of security qualifications to be easily accessed by our staff from anywhere and any device, and offering a host of leading featires such as e-learning on the go, pod casts, pdf downloads and more.

e-learning is vital in allowing our staff to develop their professional knowledge and provides us with an easy system to monitor the progress of staff learning.

We are pleased with the support, content and delivery provided by iSMTA.