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Protecting people, assets, information and reputations.

Monitoring Your Security

Our Physical Security Operations Centre is designed to monitor every part of the security strategy we implement, providing unrivalled protective layers.

Intelligent Approach to Security

We utilize a number of input sources to build the intelligence picture, this then allows us to deliver intelligence led solution to each client.

Rail Industry Safeguarding

Experienced Security Staff

Our security operatives are the lifeblood of the organisation and integrate effortlessly with our technical capability, providing an unrivalled approach to your security.

Intelligent Approach to Security


Our Physical Security Operations Centre (PSOC) is at the centre of our operational services.


Professional security staff located across the globe.


Utilising modern technology to provide an integrated approach to security.


Our company, directors, managers and staff have gained valuable experience.

We Protect Our Clients

Need assistance with securing your staff, assets and location?

Why Clients Choose Us

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Security Practitioners

Learn how we can protect you in these fragile times

What We Do For Our Clients

Our Services

What is Close Protection

Protective Services

We offer a range of protective services to provide security and safety to our clients.

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Intelligence Analysis


Our Physical Security Operations Centre is at the centre of our operational services.

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Technical Covert Surveillance

Intelligence Services

We can provide intelligence solutions across any industry.

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