Never discount the environment as a threat

Protecting staff

Protecting Staff

There are many environments that can cause concern when protecting your staff and be a real threat within the UK, from disused buildings where vagrants could be living through to areas littered by drug users. It is safe to say that there are many places that can pose a risk to your staff and contractors.

Understanding these environments is the first piece of the puzzle, by this we mean knowing what risks you could be exposed to. This includes having experience of similar sites and obviously conducting thorough risk assessments. Once we have in depth knowledge of the location and have assessed the risk, we can then make plans for escorting staff and contractors safely.

Understanding the Risks

There are many different environments in the UK that fall into the high risk category and if these can be avoided then great. However, it is not always possible to avoid these locations and hence risks need to be managed. Some of the most prominent environment related risks we have dealt with are:

  • Disused buildings frequented by drug users and vagrants
  • Isolated sites affected by high crime rates
  • Locations shared by travellers where access is required
  • Buildings that are affected with sharps, litter and general misuse
  • Tower blocks in high crime areas, especially at night

The reason we have experience of these environments is because we have successfully escorted staff and contractors to every type of environment and managed most types of risk.

We pride ourselves on providing highly trained engagement officers to protect staff and contractors whilst they are visiting or working in dangerous environments.

We can provide engagement officers anywhere in the UK within 4 hours, ensuring a fast yet flexible approach.

All officers are Close Protection trained and have undergone in depth health and safety training, to allow them to keep clients safe in a variety of unsafe environments.