Close Protection

With our extensive knowledge of various cities and countries we are able to deliver the highest level of Close Protection services across the globe and have delivered services throughout Europe, Middle East, South America and Africa on a continual basis.

From providing Bodyguards, security drivers and executive vehicles in London, through to armoured vehicles and trained security officers overseas, we have the capability and infrastructure to deliver the highest possible service.

Each area of protection demands differing levels of experience and procedures, although as a baseline each of our CP officers are trained to the relevant SIA standards with then additional training and experience being considered for each role. We have been providing a high level of service for many years and protection is a key element of CTR Secure Services.

From the initial consultation, you can expect a professional and diligent approach to your Close Protection requirement, born from years of providing Close Protection services on a regular basis.

The difference with using CTR Secure Services is that each Close Protection officer is able to micro manage their own environment which comes from experience gained from Corporate, Government and sometimes military backgrounds, allowing for a higher level of service. Each officer is provided with the tools and procedures and have full access and support to the CTR Control Hub, this in itself provides an outer layer of protection for the client knowing that support is always at hand whether operating in the UK or overseas.

We have gained experience in providing Close Protection in a number of environments and have gained a reputation second to none, these environments include:

  • VIP protection incorporating protection of residences, family and work related travel
  • Residential Security Teams (RST) for protection of estates and homes
  • Corporate protection incorporating the safety and security of visiting VIP’s and exceutives
  • Protective Surveillance providing a low profile and overwatch for client’s that require a more covert protection strategy

With the rise in criminal activity, terrorism and specific threats, then Close Protection offers a high level of security to an individual and their family and/or corporate organisation. Our close protection officers integrate their protective duties into the daily pattern of each client and in addition to ensuring a safe working and living environment, they also continually assess the situation and procedures in place.

We are confident in protecting our clients in any role, any industry and any country.

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