CCTV Monitoring

Our CCTV monitoring services provides a cost effective approach to your security needs. Our Physical Security Operations Centre gives you an unrivalled focus on monitoring your staff, assets and locations.

Our CCTV monitoring services can provide professional oversight for your staff, assets and locations through our Physical Security Operations Centre (PSOC). The PSOC is manned by highly trained staff who understand security and have a keen eye to identify any issues that may arise. 

We ensure that any new clients are catered for with an account executive and that any monitoring activity is not filtered down with any other client requirements.

In addition to our monitoring solutions we have the capability to design, build and deploy various types of CCTV cameras, including covert CCTV, rapid deployment CCTV and full building installations. We have built up our R&D capability to suit very specific requirements from our clients.

We have gained experience in providing CCTV monitoring in a number of situations and have gained a reputation second to none, these situations include:

With the rise in criminal activity, terrorism and specific threats, then CCTV monitoring offers a high level of security to an individual and/or corporate organisation. Our close protection officers integrate their protective duties into the protection provided by CCTV, providing a holistic approach to your security.

We are confident in protecting our clients using state of the art CCTV systems and monitoring solutions.

Our physical security operations centre is staffed 24/7 by highly trained security officers who can take necessary action if an incident were to occur. You’ll get extra peace of mind that someone is always proactively monitoring the cameras.

We provide CCTV for:

  • Construction sites
  • Public venues and buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Heritage and listed buildings
  • Outdoor spaces
  • Businesses selling high value items
  • Retailers and restaurants
  • Museums
  • Banks
  • Public transport
  • Private residences

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Covert CCTV

Strategically placed discreet CCTV cameras that provide additional security for high risk areas. Covert CCTV offers a superior level of protection for high ticket items, valuable goods, large amounts of money or sensitive documents. 

Rapid deployment CCTV

Rapid deployment CCTV

Fully portable rapid deployment CCTV towers provide maximum security for your site. Our rapid deployment CCTV uses the latest wireless technology, they’re vandal proof and are monitored by staff at our security operations centre.

Full Building Installations

Full building CCTV Installation for any environment

Full building CCTV installations suitable for any business premises, venue, listed building or construction site. We provide a fully installed and monitored CCTV solution to protect your business and deter criminal activity. 

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