Asset Protection Benefits

Unfortunately there has been an increase in attacks on various types of assets and this is mainly due to the current economic environemnt, where assets and infrastructure provide an easy monetary injection for criminal organisations. Examples of risk to an organisation’s assets range from theft, sabotage, arson and general criminal damage.

Asset protection is a way for organisations to safeguard their assets through a variety of methods, although it is not a case of searching for generic type products or services as in the main each project will differ from the next. Having an understanding of types of criminal behaviour and modes of operating is vital, and allows a true understanding of how better to protect a client’s valuable asset(s).

CTR Secure Services have been providing bespoke asset protection to various organisations since 2003 and over this period have adopted and proven various solutions, enabling us to assess each project and then to deliver the relevant level of service or solution. This includes the use of manpower, technology and specific procedures which provide a holistic approach to the problem and more importantly in line with the budget of our client’s.