Travel Security App

Do you know where your staff are that are deployed overseas? When was the last time your HR department communicated with them? Do you need a proficient way to send staff company documents? The list goes on with regards to organisations having staff travelling and working overseas and the level of monitoring they have in place or lack of, and this is the exact reason why CiNPLAT Travel Safe was designed by CTR Secure Services. Providing organisations of any size with the much needed capability of not only tracking staff, but also to monitor and communicate with them wherever they are. The platform provided is unlike anything else on the market and is an innovative solution to the duty of care requirement for organisations that send their staff across the globe for work and travel. For larger organisations that have in place high level insurance policies and emergency care services, then CiNPLAT is designed to sit beside these providing the client with a simple but professional mapping and communication portal. Having the ability to see where your staff are at a glance is key to ensuring you are meeting your legal requirements in response to duty of care and corporate manslaughter. For smaller organisations that do not have the scope or budget for travel assistance, then equally CiNPLAT fills a void and offers a cost effective solution to tracking, monitoring and communication to staff. In addition, CiNPLAT can provide various other tailored services such as insurance policies tailored to the need and budget of the organisation through to advice and consultancy services which are just a phone call away. Book a demo with CiNPLAT Travel Safe and see for yourself how effective the platform is and how it can benefit your organisation and provide peace of mind and duty of care.