Technical Protection

To ensure a holistic approach to your security, we are able to provide a range of technical protection measures which integrate with our physical protection solutions.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

There are many types of attack that can cause disruption and failure to a business, technical espionage or eavesdropping is one of the most common attacks on an organisation. Every business will want a competitive advantage and for this reason will have its secrets, secrets and information that is valuable to someone else.

An organisation protecting against such attacks must have the knowledge and experience to effectively protect itself, not understanding the threat means that an organisation may not be able to protect against it. In this day and age, attacks of a technical nature are becoming more common. This means that any mitigation method needs to be modern and relevant in order to protect an organisation against such threats.

We have been protecting clients for many years against corporate espionage and private eavesdropping, using the most modern equipment available today. We ensure that critical information is kept secure through consultancy and physical services, including state of the art Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM).

We use one of the UK’s leading TSCM consultants ensuring a wealth of experience to protect clients whether corporate or private.


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