Security Training for Organisations

Security training for organisations

CTR Secure Services have gained years of experience delivering security training for organisations and their staff, and we have learnt that security awareness training is one of the best ways to improve organisational security. By increasing knowledge then we can help build the awareness and skills of your staff. Our training can provide valuable insight and personal skills which can be applied in the real world, in real situations.

Types of Security Training

We have assisted many organisations increase their safety and security throughout their organisation. Examples of security training for an organisation includes:

  • Situational Awareness
  • Behavioural Detection Analysis
  • Travel Security
  • Hostile Environment Awareness
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Retail Loss Prevention
  • Lone Worker Protection
  • Terrorism Awareness
  • Risk Management
  • Capacity Building

Most of our security courses are accredited through leading awarding bodies, including Qualifications Network, ProQual and SFJ Awards.

How Does Security Training Benefit an Organisation

It is well known that by increasing the skills and knowledge of staff assists in the effectiveness of the organisation. So, if we train staff to be better prepared for certain security related incidents then we better prepare the organisation to deal with such incidents.

Take for example, training your staff to be more knowledgeable in terms of security awareness, if staff know what to look for (anomalous behaviour) then they will be more effective. If staff better understand how to defuse and manage conflict, then they will reduce the effects of such conflict.

Popular Security Courses

The most popular security courses delivered through our training arm (ASTA) include:

Specialist Security Courses

In addition to our nationally accredited courses, we can provide a range of bespoke specialist courses to suit your organisation. Whether educating your staff to keep safe when travelling overseas, through to understanding how to recognise unusual behaviour, we have the skills and experience to better prepare organisations and their staff.

Mobile Training Team

Our mobile training team has delivered training on most continents, including to foreign military and government clients. Our training team have gained valuable experience from the military and commercial sector, including operating in hostile environments. This knowledge can be passed on to delegates in a professional and engaging manner, directed by our management team.

Case Studies

We have delivered specialist training to various entities, with some case studies listed below:

Defence Intelligence Agency (Nigeria)

We were tasked with providing Close Protection and Advanced Driving training to the Nigerian Defence Intelligence Agency. This level of training was to support personnel currently operating within those roles. The training was conducted in the United Kingdom and Nigeria on a long term basis.

EE (Telecommunications)

Our client was interested in enhancing the knowledge of their staff in terms of managing conflict in specific situations. Due to the large number of staff needing this type of training, then it was agreed that our e-learning ‘Conflict Resolution’ course was the best fit. This allowed a large percentage of staff to receive training direct to their mobile device or computer, without the need to travel.

UAE Military

Our training team were awarded a contract to train the United Arab Emirates military. Specific courses were agreed and then implemented in the UK and in the UAE, these consisted of theory and practical based courses including candidate assessment.

Danish Corporate

We were invited to provide a tailored security awareness course to a large Danish organisation. The aim of the training was to deliver a half day seminar to numerous staff in order to increase their awareness of some of the threats they may face. Our training team delivered the training in Copenhagen at their main headquarters. The seminar involved discussion, scenario based learning and an element of learning from the audience.

United States Military (Specialist Unit)

We had the privilege of training a specialist unit from the United States military whereby our training team deployed to Arkansas to deliver the training course. The training consisted of high level surveillance and reconnaissance skills, interjected with live firearms training on various ranges.

Why Choose CTR for Training

As can be seen from this post, CTR have gained vital experience across a broad spectrum of training initiatives. This in itself has allowed CTR to build up experience, knowledge and training methods to suit all types of learners.

So, if you feel your organisation could benefit from security training for your employees at any level, then speak to one of our training consultants to discuss your need.