How Advanced CCTV Systems Can Deliver Better Security Results

Thinking outside the box can sometimes be missed by some security providers, where the traditional approach is preferred. With the development in technology and transmission methods, it is now the time to think outside the box and help protect clients the intelligent way. This can be achieved by using specialist rapid deployable CCTV systems, which utilise 4G technology to send video.

Rapid Deployment CCTV

We have pioneered how technical systems interact with physical security to provide a holistic approach. Our rapid deployment CCTV systems are state of the art and can be used overtly or covertly. These camera systems not only capture evidence but are used to provide alerts on activity, in particular unauthorised activity. We then have several options on responding to activity alerts, whether this is trespass, criminal damage, or any other crime taking place.

Evidence Gathering

Using high definition cameras with night viewing capability allows us to gather evidence at any time of the day or night. In addition to this, having the capacity to deploy CCTV cameras at short notice and in isolated locations due to their size and battery capability. This allows for evidence gathering across a variety of environments and situations with highly detailed footage.

CCTV Research and Development

We have been building innovative CCTV systems to meet the changing demands of our clients. We have integrated other technology into our camera systems, including SmartWater spray systems, tannoy systems, and various additional sensors. Having a range of different camera systems to meet multiple requirements is key to servicing a host of clients. Our research and development (R&D) team continue to work hard alongside our partners and suppliers to bring beneficial developments to the forefront of security and surveillance.

Benefits of Rapid Deployment

Historically, CCTV has been limited due to power source and transmission methods. However, alongside our partners we have built systems that have weeks of power and use 4G to transmit images. These camera systems are used for rapid deployment anywhere globally, and due to their power systems, they can be left on site for weeks. This is beneficial as it allows for isolated and challenging areas to be professionally monitored with CCTV, which may not have been possible using traditional CCTV systems. Sometimes our CCTV systems are used in conjunction with our Close Protection trained officers, whether as part of a planned sting operation or linked to predictive intelligence from our Physical Security Operations Centre (PSOC).

Physical Security Operations Centre

Our PSOC manages and reacts to all CCTV activity, providing clients with dedicated and professional surveillance management. This includes security incidents, safety monitoring and intelligence collection. Using the leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) based video surveillance, we can deliver better results to our clients. In the application of video technology, Artificial Intelligence allows a CCTV system to learn. This includes recognising the difference between people, vehicles and animals, through to deciphering different situations as they unfold. There are so many possibilities for AI, and our analysts and engineers make the best use of this capability.

Long Term CCTV Solutions

In addition to the rapid deployment of CCTV, we deploy long term SMART CCTV. These systems take power from the site and still use 4G transmission methods. These types of systems can be overt or covert and help protect assets continually. Typical clients include construction, facilities, education and many more. Every CCTV system is monitored through our PSOC with SIA CCTV trained personnel. Having transparency of what occurs on clients sites is paramount to their duty of care and security strategy. Our cameras monitor thousands of activations each day, with the Artificial Intelligence hardware increasing the reliability of activations being received. Overt CCTV can act as a deterrent, especially when deployed with an active tannoy system. This helps reduce or mitigate criminal acts, but CCTV can also assist in providing a duty of care to workers, especially lone workers on site.

Free Consultation and Site Survey

We understand clients can sometimes find it challenging to understand their specific requirements or what technology and capabilities are available. This is why we offer demonstrations and site visits free of charge to potential clients. This allows us to showcase the different capabilities of our CCTV systems and learn more from the client, with a view of then being able to recommend specific CCTV systems. Whether overt or covert, fixed installation or rapid deployment, battery-powered or mains powered, we have a CCTV system to suit.