Global Secure Travel

Many organisations and individuals need to travel the globe to conduct their business, with some destinations increasing the risk to such travellers and organisations.

200+ Staff Operating in 73 Countries.

People have been travelling overseas on business for years and will continue to do so. Due to the diverse nature of some companies, travel could include fragile or high-risk countries. There is a spectrum of threats that travellers may be susceptible to, so some level of secure global travel is needed to either reduce or mitigate such risks.


Every organisation that we support is provided with an in-depth overview of the country they will be operating in, forming part of the planning stage of our secure travel solution. Understanding the area is an essential requirement for all travel and operations, providing a baseline to explore local laws and customs, safety and security and other relevant knowledge points.

The main areas of our planning include:


Once an acceptable level of planning has been conducted, we can effectively support our clients whilst overseas. This is achieved through experience gained from supporting many organisations in fragile and high threat environments. Our operational footprint and global support network allow us to provide leading solutions worldwide to protect your staff and assets.

The main areas of protection include:


In the event of a situation or need for assistance, we have varying support levels. We will have pre-planned responses to incidents which will ensure a timely and professional response, as agreed with your organisation. By monitoring real-time issues, we are better positioned to identify emerging risks within a country, leading to anticipated and timely responses from our crisis response managers on the ground.

The main areas of response include:

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If you represent an organisation that is involved in sending your staff overseas, then we encourage you to speak with one of our team to ensure the safety and security of those staff members. We are confident in being able to provide a solution to meet your needs.

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