close protection services

Close Protection Services

Close Protection services are required when there is a risk to an individual, a family or an organisation as a whole. The threat has been identified and Close Protection has been advised as a means to reduce the risk through providing a safe working and living environment for the protected person(s) or otherwise known as the principal(s).

There are many aspects to Close Protection services, including but not limited to identifying the threat, assessing the risk, planning, implementation and having the relevant staff required. In terms of staff then there is a need for trained and experienced Close Protection (CP) officers, and also security drivers where required. Within the UK there are set standards in terms of training and these are governed by the Security Industry Authority, although these standards provide a base guideline for CP officers only, and it is of benefit to ensure further training and continual professional development is practiced.

Close Protection services can be provided in any country using dedicated officers and teams, who have experience and knowledge of such areas. This includes local language skills and contacts with additional local support services, such as vehicle providers, armed escorts and medical assitance, where required.

CTR Secure Services have been providing leading Close Protection services since 2003, and in this time have protected many individuals and organisations. Our staff are selected for their experience and knowledge in providing Close Protection services, and are selected from either the military, government and/or the corporate environment.

CTR Secure Services are able to provide Close Protection services in a variety of countries, including but not limited to the UK, UAE, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Nigeria and North/South America.

If you require any from of Close Protection then please contact a member of our team to discuss further.