Case Studies

Embassy Protection

Location: Copenhagen
Type: Embassy Security
Client: Undisclosed

CTR Secure Services A/S have been providing security related services to an embassy and residence in Copenhagen, services including security guards, mobile patrols and consultancy.

This level of protection further quantifies the experience and capability of CTR Secure Services at the highest level. CTR have recently renewed this contract after an initial period of two years and continue to provide value added benefit to the embassy and it’s staff.


International Business Person

Location: London, UK
Type: Close Protection
Client: Undisclosed

CTR were tasked with providing a Close Protection team to a Chinese business person whilst they were conducting business in London, this included provision of executive vehicles for the principal and their team. Once the request was confirmed and relevant contract had been signed, CTR set about planning and and site surveying for all the locations that would be frequented by the client. A contingent of two drivers and two CPO’s were provided along with a Mercedes S Class for the principle and also a Mercedes V Class for their administration team.

The detail lasted 6 days and required constant movement around London from the client’s hotel, which included meetings, business lunches and also evening entertainment at various locations througout London.

Telecommunications Provider

Location: UK
Type: Asset Protection
Client: Undisclosed

CTR were requested to secure critical telecommunications assets in response to various risks including copper theft, criminal damage and sabotage. These assets were located throughout the UK and included mobile telecommunications towers, antennae and relevant cabling, and with each site being located in different environments from open fields in rural locations to disused buildings in inner city locations.

Every site required 1 x CTR Asset Protection officer to safeguard the equipment on site and to also observe and report on potential criminal activity. We also deployed technical equipment in the form of early warning alarms and camera systems which assisted in us covering larger areas using a combined physical/technical approach.

CTR have effectively secured hundreds of sites across the UK and in turn this has ensured that the clients sites continue to operate without down time and also without any further losses through theft and criminal damage.

Engineer Escorting

Location: UK
Type: Engagement Officers
Client: Undisclosed

CTR have been servicing the mobile telecommunications sector since 2003 and in that time have built up a reputation of the leading specialist security provider. The portfolio includes all the major mobile telecommunications providers which are managed by the client, with the main emphasis of services based upon the provision of engagement officers to protect engineers on high risk sites.

An engagement officer is a well trained SIA close protection officer who has undergone advanced training including industry specific training. The role of the engagement officer is to provide a safe buffer zone between the engineer and any relevant risks, these risks include theft of personal equipment, physical/verbal abuse and drug and alcohol related risks.

Due to the nature of service requests CTR have ensured that engagement officers have been deployed anywhere in the United Kingdom within 3hrs and this includes Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Specialist Support Services

Location: UK
Type: Close Protection/Asset Protection
Client: Undisclosed

The nature of this contract requires CTR to provide specialist security support as and when required to safeguard vital assets including retail stores located throughout the UK. These such tasks are at short notice and require security cover immediately to any location througout the UK, in response to events occurring which may include damage, theft or loss of power as examples.

CTR utilise their large infrastructure and close protection staff to respond immediately to requests, and on arriving the officer secures the location and liaises with all relevant parties and agencies.

CTR High-Risk Security & Investigations Services Limited currently holds SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) status for the provision of Close Protection.
ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 - Our commitment to quality is backed by our ISO accreditation and our internal quality management systems. ISO is the internationally recognised standard for the quality management of businesses. Our certificate number is: 5649
BSIA - Members of the British Security Industry Association and in particular a forming member of the BSIA Close Protection hub which was founded to cater for the London olympics 2012. The British Security Industry Association is the trade association for the private security industry in the UK. Its members provide over 70% of UK security products and services and adhere to strict quality standards.
CTR Secure Services are a partner company to the FCO Know Before You Go campaign. The purpose of this partnership is to bring together the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) with key travel industry partners to help British nationals stay safe overseas.

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