If the current threat or risk are unknown or not fully understood then a security survey will identify them. All businesses face some form of security risk, which can vary from low risk to critical risk that could be from internal or external forces. Failure to recognise and manage these risks could seriously jeopardise even the most successful business, leaving them open to attack that could possibly result in a costly interruption to normal business continuity.

CTR Services models the risk levels from the UK’s foremost experts within domestic security, the UK Security Services. This model enables our survey assessments to be more focused and critical as opposed to the normal low, medium and high. We will carry out a full threat & risk assessment on any or all aspects of your business, be it a greenfield site you want to implement a new mobile communications mast, or an area of your business policy or procedures you feel is not secure enough, to your lone worker protection needs. The assessment will identify and evaluate potential threats and associated risks that exist with your current security systems and procedures and their effectiveness against specific agreed criteria. In our detailed report we will provide recommendations that are practical, cost efficient and realistic to manage those risks we have identified to each threat. We will then advise on the implementation of systems and procedures to prevent negative security events, normally starting with the highest threat-risk level whilst advising on measures to put in place should the worst happen.

The solutions that CTR recommend will be appropriate to the level of exposure and threat. We work from a discreet, unobtrusive stance in harmony with your existing operational activities. We will maintain a complete impartial, unbiased advice that will enable you to choose our first-class service.

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