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Overseas travel brings with it many risks and this is why it is beneficial to have support when travelling to certain countries, this is where CTR 24 brings security and peace of mind whether a lone traveller or corporate responsibility.

Critical Travel Response – CTR 24

CTR 24 brings together a number of proven services to ensure that every aspect of travel safety is acknowledged and the risk is reduced or mitigated. Each attribute of CTR 24 can be used together or separate based on the actual requirement, allowing clients and travellers to choose the solution that fits their exact needs.

Travel Tracking & Monitoring

The CTR 24 tracking platform (CINPLAT) allows organisations to monitor where their staff are in the world, set duty of care check in requests, communicate and also monitor when one of their travellers is in distress. In most cases the platform can track the users mobile device using pre-set tracking parameters, automated check in notifications can also be set up and sent to the users device whereby they then have to enter their pass code to deactivate the request otherwise alerts are sent to CTR 24 and/or the client.

Intelligent Travel App

The travel app provided by CTR 24 allows the user to keep informed of what is occurring around them, this is achieved through relevant feeds being sent to the users device. The user also has the ability to send an SOS distress call to a nominated party if they feel in a vulnerable position, this can then be acted upon by that party. Other features also include dedicated security guides, country specific information, secure vault, live flight information and messaging function.

Intelligence & Investigation

Understanding the country you are deployed in is vitally important, understanding the culture, the law, the threats and understanding past incidents and how you as a traveller may be affected whilst visiting such a country. Such knowledge can only come from detailed ongoing analysis, we achieve this by looking at Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental (PESTLE) aspects of that country. We also focus on areas such as travel risk assessments, terrorism threat monitors and country risk updates, with all information directed through our team of analysts.

Overseas Protection

Within the CTR 24 tool kit, we also have the capability to provide assistance on the ground to our clients. This can be in the form of certified in country protection officers through to experienced hostage crisis consultants, working in conjunction with the full CTR 24 provision or as an ad hoc request if needed.

Some of the locations that we have an operational footprint and partner network are:

– South America

– North America

– Malaysia

– Europe (All countries)

– Middle East

– West Africa

– North Africa

– South Africa

– Russia

– China


‘CTR 24 assists you in ensuring your safety whilst overseas, by preparing for the unknown and protecting your people from a technical and physical perspective…’

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