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Investigator Course Overview

Title: IQ Level 3 Award for Professional Investigator

Qualification: Level 3 Industry Qualifications (Award)

Duration: 5 days

Cost: £595.00 plus VAT Full Course        £240.00 plus VAT Fast Track (2 Day)


Level 3 Professional Investigator Course

Our Private Investigations course is accredited at Level 3 through the awarding body IQ (Industry Qualifications) and is at a standard to be recognised by the Security Industry Authority for licensing purposes. The course will provide you with the knowledge to become a competent investigator and give you a head start in the industry. The course has been written by industry experts ensuring you gain the most up to date and relevant instruction in this dynamic industry.

This qualification is mapped to the SIA Specification for Learning and Qualifications for Private Investigators and Pre- Cognition activities. It is recognised by the SIA as meeting the current qualification requirement for licensing (when this comes into effect):

Extract from SIA letter dated 16th December 2011: “Following the satisfactory assessment of IQ’s Private Investigator Award, I am pleased to confirm support for this endorsement request.

Please note that if licensing is introduced in more than three years from now, the Core Competency Specifications may need to be reviewed. This could mean that qualified operatives would need to take some form of top-up training if requirement gaps are identified”.

In preparation for licensing it is therefore a requirement that a full SIA ID check is carried out. When licensing does come into effect IQ will upload to the SIA the data on learners who have successfully completed this qualification; enabling learners to apply for the SIA licence.

This course is accredited at level 3 by the awarding body IQ (Industry Qualifications) and is at a standard to be recognised by the SIA. The course has been designed by CTR Services and forms the core competencies for working within private investigations. This is due to the fact that there is a significant void in the private investigations training; the industry is heavily reliant on experienced professionals handing down information to others. This course is modular based and aims to provide the key skills that will enable the learner the ability to follow an investigation from start to finish.


Professional Investigator Course Breakdown

In order to acquire the level 3 investigator qualification (QCF) then learners must achieve 5 credits from completing the following mandatory units:

M/503/0680 – Principles of gathering and using information for investigations

A/503/0679 – Principles of planning and reporting investigations

To further enhance your learning and to provide a greater depth of knowledge, our course is broken down into 4 core modules, which will guide you through the whole private investigator training process from start to finish. The modules are as follows:

Module 1 – Introduction to Investigations

This module will enable you to understand the origins and the world they encompass. You will also understand the principal work of a private investigator and the qualities needed in order to progress as an investigator.

Module 2 – Types of Investigations

This module provides an understanding of some of the types of investigation you may find yourself completing. You will be guided through the following types of investigations, General Enquires, Tracing, Process Service, Surveillance and Due-Diligence.

Module 3 – Unit 1 Principles of planning and reporting investigations

Module 3 – Unit 2 Principles of gathering and using information for investigations

Module 4 – Working within Private Investigations

This is the final module and helps you to understand continual professional development (CPD) of a professional investigator and how important it is to keep learning. You will also be able to understand the diversity of the industry and directions of career you may choose.


Level 3 Professional Investigator Qualification

All of these modules accumulate the work towards a level 3 qualification. The 5 day centre based course also includes a live exercise whereby you must prove your competence by gathering information on an individual, collating the information and finally planning a surveillance operation based on that individual and the brief provided. This part of the course allows us to assess everything that you have learnt throughout the course and also incorporates an aspect of surveillance planning.

Our instructors who are professional investigator trained and our administration staff are there to help you through your chosen course and you will find our experience and dedication is second to none. Ensure that you are prepared for any future licensing by the SIA in respect of Professional Investigations and if you require any further guidance in respect of this then please contact us to speak with a member of the training team.

CTR also offer a 2 day fast track course which is designed for those persons who have relative and professional experience, please contact us for information on the basic requirements.


Professional Investigator Course Dates and Costs

Duration: 5 Days

Cost: £595.00 plus VAT – Full Course        £240.00 plus VAT – Fast Track (2 Day)


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